Engine Swap

A wolf in a rabbit skin. Having a vw mk1 represents a great pride in our community. Being able to preserve the beauty of an old cat is one of the greatest satisfactions. Since when do you have it?, or, How much have you invested? are just some examples of the questions that causes an old […]

More alive than ever

How did he transform an old piece of metal into an exhibition car? 7 My name is Manuel Peña Ramirez and I am 31 years old. My car is a VW Rabbit 1980. I bought it from a friend who was trying to restore it and at the end for some reason it ended up […]

how to care the paint of your golf mk1

Synthetic or natural, some fibers can damage your car. We always look for the best for our car, and when it comes to choosing a wash and dry cloth, we must pay close attention, regardless of whether they are synthetic or natural, as they can scratch the paint while cleaning your car. Fortunately there is […]

volkswagen CITI GOLF

VOLKSWAGEN CITI GOLF A very unique model. While its world-wide launch was in 1974, in South Africa it made its presentation until 1978, with a very good acceptance from the public. However in 1984, when the second generation came out (bigger and more expensive) people’s reaction were not as expected. People were claiming the city […]

VW Rabbit – 7 fun facts

A car that has been in production for 36 years surely holds many moments and epic stories. 1. The VW Rabbit was created to replace the VW Bug, Volkswagen was in crisis, as all the cars they made to replace the successful “bug” failed. Until the creation of the Rabbit, more than 30 million units […]

Artz Golf

Collector of luxury cars, lucky owner of Golf Artz 928. My name is Arno Albert, I am 55 years old and I belong to the Golf generation since my first car was precisely a type 17 VW. In 1982 I started a successful transport company. The company enabled me to build up a small and […]