More alive than ever

How did he transform an old piece of metal into an exhibition car? 7 My name is Manuel Peña Ramirez and I am 31 years old. My car is a VW Rabbit 1980. I bought it from a friend who was trying to restore it and at the end for some reason it ended up […]

volkswagen CITI GOLF

VOLKSWAGEN CITI GOLF A very unique model. While its world-wide launch was in 1974, in South Africa it made its presentation until 1978, with a very good acceptance from the public. However in 1984, when the second generation came out (bigger and more expensive) people’s reaction were not as expected. People were claiming the city […]


Gerhardt Oettinger, engineer and designer, creator of this exclusive version. This version, contained several features that made it a unique car. Get to know the details that made this Golf, a very special model. It began to manufacture in September of 1981 by Gerhardt Oettinger and they only made 2000 units. The engine, preserved the […]

Kamei golf

A former Volkswagen employee founds Kamei Hired only for three months and with a salary of 430 DM per month, Karl Meier worked as an interior design engineer for VW. He was trained as an mechanic engineer and later specialized in the design and construction of body, roof, hinged and interiors. Unsatisfied with his career […]

VW Rabbit – 7 fun facts

A car that has been in production for 36 years surely holds many moments and epic stories. 1. The VW Rabbit was created to replace the VW Bug, Volkswagen was in crisis, as all the cars they made to replace the successful “bug” failed. Until the creation of the Rabbit, more than 30 million units […]


Fans from around the world gather to celebrate. It is well known for VW lovers that, the Golf GTI is one of the most beloved models. For this same reason, someone wanted to immortalize this great vehicle and sculpt a monument in Reifnitz, Austria dedicated exclusively to this car. A replica of the classic Golf […]