how to care the paint of your golf mk1

Synthetic or natural, some fibers can damage your car.

We always look for the best for our car, and when it comes to choosing a wash and dry cloth, we must pay close attention, regardless of whether they are synthetic or natural, as they can scratch the paint while cleaning your car.

Fortunately there is a material whose physical and cleaning properties are superior to the rest of the fabrics and that is the microfibre cloth.

This material is composed of two ultrafine fibers. It consists of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

Microfiber requires less shampoo to wash the car, (90% less than cotton), has greater capacity for absorption, it cleans, polish, its resistant and durable, it doesnt shrink or deform with use. Can be subjected to high temperatures, and most importantly, they do not damage the paint.

It should be mentioned that a microfiber cloth is not so accessible compared to one of cotton, that’s why there are so many imitations in the market that do not have the same characteristics. It is best to buy it in specialized stores.

When you wash your microfiber cloths, avoid using fabric softeners, the absorption capacity will decrease, and do not use bleach, as this substance accelerates the aging process of the fiber.


It is recommended to dry them outdoors; Never iron them because with excess heat the fiber will deform.