No more excuses You can finally restore your car!

The celebrations for the fortieth anniversary of our favorite car do not end, the good news for the fans is that the German firm has decided to manufacture parts for the first GTI generation.

That’s right, there’s no longer excuses for you not to conclude that project that you started very enthusiastic and left aside for lack of pieces. You may ask, which pieces are available for the GTI Mk1?

Thanks to Volkswagen Classic Parts, the owners of this emblematic model now have at their disposal, at any Volkswagen agency, the emblems, the trim of the grill, the knob of the gear lever and the fabric to upholster the seats.

You can also find body parts, such as the front fins, which have been re-produced in the original press machines. Volkswagen has not confirmed whether these parts for the first GTI generation will only be available in Europe or if they will also arrive to Mexico and the United States. If you would like to check the possibility of buying these parts online, I’ll leave the link to Volkswagen Classic Parts.

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