Our friend from Belgium shares his story…

My name is Steph and I belong to the Vaglowmachine club. Im from Belgium and I work as a mechanic in Volvo.

I have a mk2 and a mk1 which I love, since Ive always wanted one. Fortunately in 2015, I was able to buy one and I started the restoration from scratch. The repair took 8 months only, but it was not easy. I worked daily, 5 hours a day, and on some occasions, I got help from my friends.


I dont know exactly how much money Ive invested in my car, but you know how it is in this sport. I liked my car so much that I rode its vortex wheels, for the 2017 season event. Eurobumpers, air suspension, cabriolet mk1 golf interior, just to mention a few things.

I still have a lot of work to be done, I will soon replace the engine and install a TDI, my mk1 is very popular in Belgium and France events, I hope you like my car.